Startup&Angels introduce its online platform:


Gathering inspiring doers and shakers

A single idea obtained from a single conference can be game-changing for your company. Same goes for meeting key people like investors, business partners, customers or even future employees. That is why at ++Startup&Angels++(opens in new tab), we made our strongest focus on startup founders, advisors/mentors and innovation-driven executives like you so that you can gain vital access to important knowledge and players. Hopefully, with Startup&Angels community, you can connect before, during and event after our events!

Register to our online platform now and get the perfect opportunity to:

  • Be inspired by global & local entrepreneurs who will share their best practices & challenges
  • Learn about the last trends of the startup world
  • Exchange with peers & business partners: expand your network, get feedback, and create new meaningful relationships with entrepreneurs and experts
  • Find the right investor(s) that will boost your business
  • Get special prices on our exclusive events and shake hands with our world-class experts

Where we started

The adventure started in 2016 for Startup&Angels, when Leo Denes and Axel Peyriere, two French business founders decided to collaborate and join forces to connect startup raising capital with investors & business angels through after-work events.

After 41 editions in 3 years, 12 cities in 3 different continents, 250 startups introduced to 3000+ attendees, we decided to move from an event series to something bigger, stronger, more efficient to connect people. We chose to regroup all the startup ecosystem not only during our events but also before and after, 24/24h, thank to an online platform: Startup&Angels Community.

Our goal

We are committed to empowering the innovation by facilitating connections between the startup ecosystem in all the APAC region. We built a strong community that can allow you today to be connected with the right person in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Phnom Penh, Hong Kong, and many other cities.

Our main priority is to help this community by providing all the resources every member needs to grow up. This platform is made to share, care and go to the next level.

Whether you are a startup looking to expand your business in another country, a founder looking for raising capital, an investor looking for the new business to invest in, or a company looking for meaningful partnerships in APAC... You are in the right place!